Powerful Tools for Amazon Sellers
Understand your Amazon sales data and make better decisions in managing your Amazon PPC. 
The TOOLS you choose should put your pedal to the metal.
They should drive speed and effectiveness in achieving your vision.

Titan has built a suite of tools to do just that!

Business Performance Metrics

Analyze profitability, from a high-level overview to a per product play-by-play. Visualize revenue, costs, fees, profit, inventory and more. Stay on top of your products and your competitors' by tracking unlimited keywords and products in the Rank Tracker, and get notified of important listing changes with Alerts.

Product List

An Advanced Overview of potential products, and their profitability, removing the need for messy spreadsheets and supplier email trails. 

Market Analysis

Discover high-demand, low-barrier opportunities, analyze niches in depth and assess profitability in seconds

Keyword Research

Tap into our sophisticated algorithms, accurate data and reverse engineering to find the most profitable, relevant keywords for your ranking campaigns, listing optimization, PPC, and more.

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